• Sell Our Products and Services in Your Own Brand +Free Websites & Portals
  • Send Your Message to All Your Targets with Bulk SMS
  • Let's Broadcast Your Message to Potential Customers for You
  • Now Get Your Message Talking with Voice SMS
  • Direct SMSC Routes - For Quick Message Delivery


​The Most Effective and Cheapest Communication & Marketing Tool

TIP: To Log in using our Apps except the Web Interface, begin your user name with “ushm-“ i.e. ushm-username

Use Bulk SMS to communicate with customers or advertise to the public.

There are over 5.2 billion mobile users worldwide and with over 90% of bulk sms messages read within 3 minutes of being received, Guarantees Immediate Response / Feedback.

WHY CHOOSE USHMID SMS? Free Tools, Platforms & Website for our Partners / Resellers Qick SMS Delivery on Direct Routes at Cheapest Prices 24/7 Quality Support By Our Team of Experts Sell Our Products and Services in Your Brand +Free Websites & Portals
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